Education or Indoctrination

Unbridled submission to passion will inevitably lead to anarchy. A self-governed people require the capacity of resisting temptation. Power and peasantry are equally seductive if left unchecked.

Strict adherence to rules, regulations, and rituals generates a sense of safety and security.  Complacency to entrusting a ruling elite is alluring, however, ultimately it leads to poverty for the masses. Poverty limits a society’s ability to become educated unless, of course, it’s in a publicly funded school of indoctrination.  Once the elite have successfully created an impoverished, uneducated and/or brainwashed populace it is easy to get the masses addicted to Government aid. Bernard Rust, the education minister of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party, said “The whole function of education is to create a Nazi.”  American socialists share this nefarious belief.

The American population has been deceived. They have been convinced Nazi means evil, and socialist means benevolent.  The inconvenient truth is they are synonymous. Nazi is short for National Socialist. Conversely, a free, self-governing people can never adhere to the attraction of a socialist nation.

The polar opposite of Adolf Hitler was George Washington.  When he was presented with the ability to cease ultimate power he wisely and respectfully declined.  He willingly stepped down after only serving two terms. His example of restraint for the self-governed has become diluted in our current leadership. More reflexive of Hitler, than Washington, our Congress is swarming with sudo-representatives who cling to power for decades.

Addiction to power corrupts the minds of the elite, allowing for infinite self justification of the most egregious behaviors. Compare these two quotes.

“If the older generation can not get accustomed to us, we shall take their children away from them and rear them as needful to the Fatherland”

Adolf Hitler, June 1933

Micheal Bellar, a lawyer for PBS said in January 2021 “Children of Trump supporters should be taken away and put into re-education camps”

Make no mistake about it, socialists then and now conspire for absolute power and control. Aristocrats will never surrender their governance. Empirical supremacy is their crowning goal.

Empires are like locusts, they never stop feeding until they are killed. However, that begs the question, how do we kill a movement? We teach our children the truth. We do not entrust the socialized public schools to indoctrinate them with dangerous beliefs. The soul of our nation depends on how we choose to raise the next generation.

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