Citizens NOT Servants

We are in perilous times. Our great country is divided and angry.  As citizens we will never agree on every issue.  Debate and constructive criticism are essential for a healthy, growing, and powerful nation. People of the United States of America are fellow and equal citizens to their leaders, they are not subjects of their leaders.  Unlike the fearful subjects of a tyrannical dictator, we are citizens. A country of the people. We hold the power and we do not answer to our President, or our Congressmen. They, in fact, answers to us.

Unfortunately, millions of people have fallen victim to the propaganda machine operating in this country.  The socialists and far left have infiltrated every aspect of our lives.  They control the education system, the news media, and the entertainment industry.  Despotism, as in Nazi Germany, is their ultimate goal. 

It is imperative to remember they are victims of misinformation, they are not enemies. They believe with the utmost conviction and sincerity.  Yet, they are sincerely wrong.  Fear and hate are the weapons of tyrants.  Loyal subjects of the socialist movement will use these same weapons. We, however, must not. Love and acceptance are the tools of patriots. We can not defeat hate with hate. Nor can we defeat lies with lies.

Extremists will inevitably demand unquestioning loyalty.  Anyone who dares question their agenda will be branded some awful label, be it, traitor, racist, feminist, sub human, or the sorts.  In the novel ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell, the horse has a saying “Napoleon is always right” this illustrates the blind allegiance the far left requires of its subjects. Failure to comply will result in death or forced imprisonment in re-education camps.


As patriots it is our supreme duty to fight lies with truth.  We MUST unapologetically and emphatically demand accountability from our elected leaders.  In order for us to remain a free people, patriots must not be passive in these perilous times.

What actions should be taken now to secure our liberty?

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