Protect Liberty

Victors write history from their perspective. We seldom hear from the conquered, which limits our ability to understand the rebellion. Was the uprising based in ignorance, wickedness, desperation, or virtue? Imagine for a moment we lost the Revolutionary War. It is difficult because all we know is the rebels story, because in this case they were victorious. The resistance wrote our history books portraying a glorious, romantic and virtuous war against an evil tyrannical empire. Rebels are memorialized as heroic patriots while loyalists and British soldiers are demonized. Is this a fair and accurate portrait of what life was like back then?

The dynamics of today are not far removed from the times of our founding fathers. About a third of the colonists were loyal to the crown. About a third of them were committed to the rebellion. The remaining third were apathetic, content to not get involved. Almost 250 years later the characteristics in America remain the same. About a third are loyal to the leftist agenda, about a third are committed to preserving liberty, and about a third are complacent.

The legacy of insurrection should be celebrated by our citizens.  We may, or may not agree with the individual motives, but we dare not subdue the spirit. Complacency kills liberty. We have the constitutional right to peacefully protest. We have the right to vote and elect our leaders. We have the right to keep and bear arms to protect these rights. When our leaders fail to listen and fix elections in order to cling to power, we are obligated to remind them of these rights.

Taking arms against one’s own countrymen is not a trivial decision. The colonial rebels endured decades of mistreatment. They exhausted every peaceful effort to find a compromise for their grievances. Facing the choice between slavery to the aristocrats or fighting for freedom, they chose to fight. With extreme foresight, they understood the evil inherent in power. They entrenched into our foundation a protection from future elites, guaranteeing we keep our liberties.

The first two amendments are not in random or accidental order. Freedom of speech and peaceful protest is the first amendment because it is our first line of defense against tyranny. The right to keep arms guaranteed to us in the second amendment is our contractual agreement with our elected leaders. This covenant states we as citizens are temporally entrusting the elected leaders with power over us. If there comes a time when the leaders forget their place we institute the final phase. The right to bear arms.

When a government fears the people there is liberty, when a people fear the government there is tyranny. We must all ask ourselves in which state is our current society. Do we fear our government or do they fear us? Future generations will learn about our current events as history, but who is going to be writing that history? It is every liberty loving citizen’s obligation to insure truth is taught to our children, now and forever.

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